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Nimisha Arora

I am a person full of dreams and passionate to achieve them. NimsStyleFile is one out of those dreams. Where I place all my hard work & strength to bring all the series of thoughts in reality. Read More…


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  • Vidya Institute of Fashion Technology

    My Visit to Vidya Institute of Fashion Technology- Meerut

    This post is with regard to my recent visit to Vidya Institute of Fashion Technology
    located in Meerut City. Vidya Institute of Fashion Technology is also known as VIFT, 
    they organized a Fashion Blogger’s meet on 2nd March 2019

  • my veere di wedding

    My Veere Di Wedding

    My Veere Di Wedding means My Brother’s Wedding. Indian weddings has always
    been a topic to talk about as they are so vibrant, loud and filled with loads of drama

  • Devadasi

    Story of a DEVADASI

    DEVADASI is one culture which used to be followed in southern and eastern parts of India.
    Who is she? DEVADASI is a female servant (dasi) of God (deva)

  • vlcc ayurveda baby lotion

    VLCC Ayurveda Baby Lotion Review

    VLCC ayurveda baby lotion is enriched with goodness of ayurvedic ingredients
    that helps in nourishing and hydrating baby’s soft skin. This product is extremely
    mild and perfect choice for new born.

  • effects of social media

    Has Social Media Taken a Toll on Your Personal Life

    Are we spending too much time in checking our social media accounts?? If, Yes! Then
    this post is definitely going to help you. Do you ever realize how much time in a day you
    spend on social media, I am sure No,